Monday, October 01, 2012

Downtown Disney in Anaheim

Yesterday we went on a family outing to Downtown Disney. I'm so sad my camera batteries died before I took more than a few photos. I had just recharged them too. We ate at the New Orleans themed restaurant and saw this woman in a Steampunk outfit. Not only that, but her top hat had Mickey Mouse ears. Incredible. I was hoping I could find her on the Internet but no luck so far. It looks like a steampunk group may hang out at Downtown Disney, unless they were part of a band or show being performed in the open air mall. When I saw her she was eating dinner. We went to Build-a-bear and built a rabbit. And of course we had to see the giant displays at the Lego store. The people watching is great there. Lots of people dress up, especially since it's right around Halloween.

Daughter, son-in-law and grandson

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