Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Challenges at the Shoebox Ranch

I've been completely overwhelmed trying to clean my house in case the landlady follows through with her plans to sell it. So I've had little time for crafting or designing or blogging. But I can't stay healthy without creating things so I spent an entire day in a mall crocheting, people watching, and forgetting my problems. That was last Saturday. This Saturday I stayed home to clean since we are running out of time, but I still plan to get back to that crochet project today. I haven't even touched it since I left the mall!

To make matters worse my boyfriend is sick too, but has to work anyway since his job offers no paid sick leave. It is basically sink or swim (or swim until you sink).

On the positive side, my hypnosis has been paying off. I have 3 hypnosis clients that have paid me for sessions, so I can at least pay a few bills and keep gas in the truck.

Spring is here and the birds are serenading me. I have a new roadrunner lurking in the yard as well. And the chipmunks are out of hibernation and running all over the place eating the peanuts and almonds and corn from the critter feed mix I get at Winco.

So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we don't lose our home and that the universe smiles upon us. Think good thoughts for us.
Free form spiral medallion for the back of a vest or jacket.