Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Craft Lists in the Works

I'm really inspired by the 'Fatkini' movement. I wonder if that term is trademarked? I'm tempted to make some for my Etsy shop called Cherry Moondrops.

I have a lot of crafts I want to talk about but right now I desperately need a nap, so I'll just make a list for later.

1. Woodburned spoons
2. Doll gourds
3. Quail gourds
4. Finish snake socks
5. Crocheted juggling balls
6. Knitted & felted purse
7. Crazy quilt blocks
8. Animal blocks
9. Metal container purses
10. Washboard Kit
11. L-shaped knitted scarf cowl thingie
12. Amigurumi for Etsy

Yep, need a nap.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Obsession With Patchwork

Yesterday I had a fabric shopping spree for quilting fabrics. I fell back into the quilting bucket and I can't get out. I'm working out 4 different projects: the chicken bumble, the paper pieced animals, a quilt based on a purple palette sample, and a quilt  based on blocks affiliated with the state of CA.

Up till now I've been making do with some scrap fabric bits I got at a thrift store in Atascadero. There is a great selection there, but when I was making the elephant block, I realized I have very little green or grey. The dolphins also require grey. So I stocked up on grey, purple and green fabric.

Then I found a bolt of orange with a shine to it for $1.50 a yard. There were almost 11 yards on the bolt so I got that. Somewhere I have more orange set aside for a belly dancing costume, so I need to get those into the same  pile. I remember years ago I wanted to make an orange and aquamarine colored belly dance costume. I am not a huge fan of orange so I don't want to dress head to toe in orange. With my body shape, I'd look like a giant orange!

Yesterday at the library I got a book written by a quilt historian listing a bunch of squares associated with each state. So since I've lived in OK, NM, NV, CA I thought I'd represent each in a quilt. I might add NY as well since that is where my father's side of the family is from. The book is full of facts about each state. For example New Mexico was once claimed by Texas, Mexico, and the U.S. There is also a page for Wanderers and Canada is included as well. It's called Create Your Family Quilt by Barbara Brackman and comes with a CD to help you design it. 
(ISBN 1-893824-1001)

Time to get back to sewing. You guys take care.