Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Craft Lists in the Works

I'm really inspired by the 'Fatkini' movement. I wonder if that term is trademarked? I'm tempted to make some for my Etsy shop called Cherry Moondrops.

I have a lot of crafts I want to talk about but right now I desperately need a nap, so I'll just make a list for later.

1. Woodburned spoons
2. Doll gourds
3. Quail gourds
4. Finish snake socks
5. Crocheted juggling balls
6. Knitted & felted purse
7. Crazy quilt blocks
8. Animal blocks
9. Metal container purses
10. Washboard Kit
11. L-shaped knitted scarf cowl thingie
12. Amigurumi for Etsy

Yep, need a nap.

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