Monday, October 22, 2012

Winter Sewing

Hi Kittens,
The gods have smiled on us and we get another cool weather day to finish loading the moving van. Please let these be the last day here. I was looking forward to sleeping at my new home yesterday and we didn't get to leave Anaheim. We are so encumbered with stuff that the packing is staggering. We haven't even started the garage yet!  Thank goodness it's only a single car garage. Then comes the backyard.

Someone gifted us with a cat carrier so at least our cat can ride in comfort to his new home. We left the door open to it so he can play in there and get used to it so it will be less traumatic. I hope he will forgive us someday for putting him through this. First he lost his brother and now this. Poor guy.

For years I've made warm hats, scraves, and mittens which I never had reason to wear because the climate is so moderate in Anaheim. Now I'm going somewhere that may even have snow so I'm all happy that my knitting and sewing will be put to use. I can't wait to make a new coat and vests. I love vests so much and got out of the habit of wearing them. I particularly like reversible vests.

Oh well, this stuff isn't going to move itself. I'm going to make breakfast, then start packing again. Please let this be the last day. I want to get on with my life.

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