Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucerne Valley or Bust Part Three

Dropping off the 2nd U-haul

It was a foggy morning in Anaheim today.  We got back from Lucerne Valley well after dark.  Since everything's been moved except our one working computer, we've been taking turns on it. It's strange not having a TV, a radio, or the usual devices of distraction in the house.  At least the refrigerator is here so we can still have cold drinks. We were supposed to be out Sunday but we still have so much more to pack, sort and clean.  We originally thought we'd have to rent 3 or 4 moving vans, then he was hoping to get by with 2, but they didn't have the big truck available. We settled for a smaller one and everything didn't fit.  At least we got the piano and most of the big items moved.

Someone is here who might buy the kayak. Sadly the gear bag (a big part of the deal) has gone missing.  Did one of our helpers throw it in the moving van, in which case it is now 111 miles from here? Did we accidentally leave it on the porch or roof of the car?  I hope it turns up. Maybe we'll find it when we pack everything else.  It's a big purple gear bag...how hard is that to find?

I took some sunset photos in Lucerne last night. Then we stopped for Chinese food on the way home. That was delicious.

I started to pack and clean today and my hips protested. Everything is sore. I learned 2 things from moving: I'm not as young as I used to be, and I'm seriously out of shape.
Our new backyard.

Sunset in Lucerne Valley California


Butterfly van

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