Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lucerne Here We Come

Butterfly blouse: Thrifted

Container delivery

End of a long day and the sun is going down.

The new view from my yard.

Yesterday was exciting. I got to drive my boyfriend's truck to Lucerne so he could drive the moving van. I haven't driven since I sold my truck over a year ago.  Oh how I miss driving!  And driving to the desert is so much more fun than driving through the L.A. area. The roads are wide and even though there is traffic, it never seems to back up like the 405 freeway or the 5 or any of the local freeways.

Then once we got there we met up with the container truck guy. The container will be our art studio/garage/storage area. We may get two so we each have one. It's cheaper than our storage unit in Westminster, CA, so once we clean that out, it will give us a more useful space for less than we paid before.

Even though I was very sad at the thought of moving out there, something has transformed me. Like the butterfly on my new blouse, which is the symbol of transformation, I'm realizing how much I hated living in the city and dealing with the overcrowding which comes with apartment living. I'll finally have my own driveway again.  No more sharing a single car driveway with four other apartments. No more having to move our cars every Wed. for street sweeping. No more tickets for parking in the alley while we run inside to carry in groceries. I don't even think we need a business license since it's unincorporated.

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