Sunday, October 14, 2012

Colors Are Fun

I feel kind of twitchy because I haven't gotten to work on crafts in the last few days because of packing. It is my therapy.  And I also like to relax and be creative on my computer, and it's got some sort of 'black screen of death' glitch going on now so I haven't been getting my computer time either. I don't drink or smoke, so I need my other vices of crafts and computer time. Otherwise I start getting surly.

I've tried to ferret all my Halloween decorations into well marked boxes so I can at least decorate for Halloween when I get to the new house. It's so remote no one will see it but me, but it's important to me to do it anyway. Maybe I can show it off on Youtube at least.

I worked on some color scheme palletes when I got to borrow a computer. At least I can share those with you.

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