Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ring of Obsidian

We've been collecting obsidian chunks to use for knapping. Up until now we've been carting them around in strong plastic bags. But today when I put the dish garden I saved from my other house into the yard, it looked lonely.  So I surrounded it with a ring of obsidian and hosed off all the dust. Obsidian is volcanic glass, and it looks amazing when it is wet. We have some mohagany obsidian in with the mix as well.  Sooner or later the obsidian will be turned into arrowheads, spearpoints or knives, but for now I can enjoy it in it's natural form. I'd like to get some snowflake obsidian. That's my favorite. I've always been a rock hound. I'm not very good at knapping yet so I've been practicing on john stone (old toilet tanks). It's free and has conical fractures just like obsidian.

I can't wait to explore this area for fossils, petroglyphs and native flora and fauna. We already found a devil's claw (weed) growing in the yard.

This morning I saw a cottontail in my backyard through my bathroom window.

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