Sunday, October 07, 2012

Shoebox Ranch on Society6

I've been busy all morning posting photos to my new Society6 shop called Shoebox Ranch. I've also posted new stuff to my Tumblr. For some reason Tumblr is finicky, so click the link a few times if it doesn't work. There is a great cactus garden by my boyfriend's mom's house.  He was taking a long time getting out of there yesterday so I filled in the time by taking photos of the cactus garden. I hope you like them.

Why not buy one for a gift and set it aside for that special birthday or Christmas? If you see one posted that isn't in my shop yet, let me know and I'll list it. I have literally thousands of photos so they can't all go in the shop. I'd be 300 years old by the time I got finished.

Columnar Cacti

Golden Barrel Cactus

Short cactus

I wish I'd caught this one while it was blooming.

Close up of golden barrel cactus in bloom.

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