Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One More Time

Hello my doves,
We've just finished filling our 4th moving van. I am beyond tired but I still have to drive 2 1/2 hours to our new home. So I'm relaxing for a few minutes to let my feet and back rest. The dryer went to a nice lady who just got back from the hospital visiting a new grandson.  I'm glad it went to someone that really needs it.

We gave a nice propane bbq to our neighbors. His son helped us move. To the workers go the spoils.

The garage is empty. The backyard is cleared of the things we wanted to keep and a whole dumpster of things we didn't want to keep. Now we are doing the last bit of the house.  Even for a tiny kitchen, we sure had a lot in it. Soon we will unplug the computer and hope it works at the new house. We'll only have dial up there, which I'm not happy about. I hope I can still access my favorite sites.

Today I made a side trip to M&L fabric to pick up some turquoise fabric for my bedroom curtains. The house is already carpeted in dark blue, so I'm kinda stuck with blue.  But I'm going to do turquoise and rust and orange and desert themed colors, like I grew up with in N. Mexico. And not much of the blue rug is visable with my bed and furniture taking up most of my room.

I also found some cool pumpkin fabric for Halloween that I couldn't resist at only $2.49. a yard.

Okay the grumpy people are telling me to get back to work so I gotta go. Take care, see you when I get back on the net.

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