Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do You Have Your Creativity In A Choke Hold?

I try to let my creative self have free rein.  If my creative self wants to have 100 different blogs, then so be it.  If it wants to sew today and throw paint on a canvas tomorrow, I let it change horses in midstream. I know in the long run I am happier if I don't keep suppressing myself.  There are of course money and time restraints, but if it's possible, I say yes, go for it. And if I get burned out on one art form, I do my best not to beat myself up. I put it on the back burner and hope my motivation comes back some time soon.

I don't think most people do this. I think that little nagging voice talks them out of being creative. It says things like, 'you don't really need to knit another scarf' or ' your last sewing project was a disaster, it's just not your thing', or 'you don't need to make that fancy cake, you are fat enough already.'  Well, maybe your inner self DOES NEED TO MAKE THAT FANCY CAKE.  Maybe you do need to cut up your jeans and sew them into a tote bag and a hat.   Just maybe you have to let your inner idiot run the asylum once in a while.

Do something novel.

Express yourself on Halloween.

Witchcrossing. Channel your inner witch. Witches are very creative.

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