Friday, January 25, 2013

Spoon Making and Bread Dough Art

I stole some of the green mulberry firewood Guy just brought home to use for carving spoons, ladles and spatulas. I split two pieces yesterday with an axe and now they are wrapped in wet rags and plastic so they won't dry out. I picked the least intimidating one and got most of the bark off with a drawknife yesterday. Guy cut the knots off with a hatchet. I would be working on it right now but the sky is dripping.

So I'm going to make bread dough art in my kitchen instead. If you've never made bread dough art before, you make a dough out of flour, salt and water, then use it like clay. Then you bake your creations. I'm using the book Country Doughcrafts as a reference because it's been years since I made anything out of bread dough.

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