Thursday, January 03, 2013

Paint By Number Birthday

For my birthday I've decided to buy an inexpensive paint-by-number kit at the local market that I saw a few days ago. I really enjoyed doing them as a child, but I feel a little silly now that I've gone to college to study art to go seemingly backwards and resort to a paint-by-number kit. But it's nostalgic.  I have known adults to do them. My father used to do the kind with the velvet background of race horses and such.

Also, did you see that movie where a bunch of college girls were trying to get their MRS. degree and their teacher was surprised when they all did paint-by-number kits of Van Gogh's sunflowers? I can't remember the name of it to save my life, but it was about feminism and women learning to live up to their potential instead of becoming Suzy Homemaker.

I just can't decide which of the four kits I want. There is a train, two with horses, and one with dogs. Not the greatest selection. I could have a better selection on line, but I want to start it today, while it's still my birthday.

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