Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Designing T-shirts and Knitting Update

I took a break from knitting the afghan to work on another Jayne hat at the Laundromat. A lady there said she liked the colors I was using (gold and orange). I’m almost done with the gold part and then red is next for the ear flaps. I think the next one I make will use Woolease though. I don’t care for the garish colors the pattern writer chose. I think the one in the TV series looks a lot more muted. I’ve also had to re-write the pattern because I think her proportions were off. The ear flaps need to be longer, and I’d rather decrease the crown more so it comes to a smoother top instead of being gathered with the drawstring method, which leaves it bumpy on top. Her pattern gave me a leaping off point, but now I see how to fix it. It’s hard to replicate something when you are not holding the original in your hands.

I also need to work on my lavender loom scarf. I don’t want it to fall between the cracks.  Too many projects, too little time.

We found a good  t-shirt shop so we’ll be able to make air brushed t-shirts again soon. I want to make some to publicize my businesses. Or I may buy them from my Zazzle shop. If I buy them I can have full colored photos put on them. If I air brush the shirts they will be much more simplistic since I only have rudimentary air brushing skills. I’d like to get better at silk screened t-shirts but I’ve yet to figure out how to use the photo emulsion to make really intricate designs. Right now the only method I know is the cut stencil method.

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