Monday, January 14, 2013

Save Your Kid's Drawings

Do you think Lady Gaga got her bow idea from this?
I love this big eyed girl so much I want to make it into a rubber stamp.
Last night I was drawing cartoon cats with my drawing lab book. A few of them were kinda cool so I might develop them further. Do you like to draw? Do you do it regularly? The sketchbook I picked up was an old one that had many of my children’s drawings in it from when they were little. I got a big kick out of looking at them all. There was a great one of the Wizard of Oz tornado. There was one of a spunky girl sticking her tongue out at a rabbit. Those were by Heather who was 8 at the time. Her younger sister Tiffany drew some great faces. I honestly don’t think I’d seen many of these drawings. Just because they drew something doesn’t mean they came and showed it to me right? Maybe I should take photos of some of them to show you so you know what I’m talking about. I found their art more entertaining and interesting than anything I’ve drawn lately. It's hard to tell sometimes which of them did what.
This complicated drawing was called 'The Butter Battle Spreading Paddles.'
G-O-O-D cheerleader
Moo to you too.
There were quite a few like this, some with lipstick prints for the mouth.
Heather drew this when she was 8. Now she's expecting her 2nd child.
I forgot there were 2 men in a boat in the Wizard of OZ. I'm amazed at the memory of a child.
I think if your kids see you drawing, they will want to draw too. Make sure they have supplies available for whenever the mood strikes.

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