Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting an Sewing

It was a pleasant 80 degrees out and calm so I worked on my paint-by-number outside. Seems there is a limit to how long I can paint until my hand starts to hurt, so I quit when I got to that point. I found out the brush that came in the kit works out very well for face-painting too, so I’ll look for more brushes in that shape and size. The brush has no size printed on it, so I’ll have to take it with me to the store. I’m wearing a maxi dress that I got at a thrift store. I love it, but its rayon or something so the fabric is cold to the touch. I want to use it for a pattern and make one out of something warm like flannel. Then I can just toss it on when I get out of the shower. It was so warm in Anaheim I never needed a bathrobe or anything, but I sure need one here. I can’t sew anything at the moment because my machine is on its last legs but a friend said she may be able to help me out. We just don’t live close together and I don’t know when I might see her again though, to get the machine. Still, it’s generous of her to offer. I dropped by Harbor Freight yesterday and got the pipe cutting tool that I can use to cut metal pipe to make bezels for cabachons. I don't have any pipe yet though, and the library book is due. I may have to buy the book or I'll never get anywhere. Right now I'm trying to finish projects because I'm drowning in them.

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