Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Costumer's Dream

Do your dreams ever inspire your crafts? Last night I dreamed I was at a fantasy faire. A friend of mine was there doing a magic show.He took a volunteer from the audience and made her disappear and reappear as an East Indian princess. She wore brocaded gowns in hot pink, orange, and gold with sequined embroidery all over them. She appeared next to an actor dressed as Ganesh, the elephant god of prosperity and they were dancing around together. At some point I was in the show too, wearing a long cape in harvest colors with orange, gold and brown feathers all around the shoulders. Then there was a dance troupe of men and women dressed in costumes of the deepest blue velvet, feathers, fur with long tunics and hats. Many people wore hats that were flat on top with deep crowns and borders of fur or short velvet. Sometimes 3 or 4 acts were going on all at once, so it was hard to follow them all. Eventually I was at the main entrance where there were a lot of long, skinny,triangular shaped flags. Some were on poles and others were being waved around by people in costumes. Fabulous.

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Cat Ellen said...

I love this. Just love this. :) <3