Sunday, December 08, 2013


It's always lovely when a great childhood memory comes rushing back. I am knitting a pink poncho right now and I suddenly remembered my mother making the four of us girls fabric ponchos when we were little. They were squares of fabric with a neck opening. Then she would fringe the edges with a straight pin. I remember her doing the edge and I helped her with some of them.

I also remember her making things out of terry cloth, though I can't quite remember what.  Swimming suit cover-ups? Bath robes? I also remember her making me 2 striped caftans that made me look enormous. LOL.
Knitting a poncho.

I inherited these knitting needles.
I took my knitting to the Christmas party yesterday. I started adding another shade of pink to it. There were two other women knitting there as well, and one doing kumihimo.

Gifts waiting for the gift exchange.

I also started crocheting another target hat.
I didn't win anything crafty in the gift exchange game, but there was a kumihimo kit, a soap making kit, and a large drop spindle with yarn circulating in the game.

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