Friday, December 13, 2013

Get Stuff Done

It's crunch time for Christmas gifts. I make most of my gifts. I have a lot of things partly done. So today I have a long to-do list with a goal to get the main box into the mail tomorrow. So I have knitting and crocheting to do in order to meet that goal.

I also missed my grandson's birthday, so I need to get something together for that. And my granddaughter's birthday is early next year. I'm going to have to ask what day it is. Maybe I should go back to updating my perpetual calendar that is in an recipe box under my desk. It's a bit of a tickler file.

And it's sunny out, so I plan to spend some of it soaking up the rays, feeding the wild birds, and cleaning up the glass that broke in the windstorm.

I think we may be going to town to get a ham today too, while they are on sale. I can take my knitting along. It's almost 40 minutes of knitting time if I knit all the way there and back. Time to get off the computer and get stuff done.

The wind carried this about 400 feet in the last storm. A neighbor tore them out of his house and I was going to use them for either a cold frame or an art project. Too late now.

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