Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hiking in Lucerne Valley, CA

Maybe I've never mentioned in this blog that I'm a photographer. Taking your own photos is practically a necessity when you are an artist. Sometimes the photo itself is the art, but other times the photos are for brochures or to document works in progress or to use for webpages or flyers.  And if you make collages, copyright is a huge issue.  Using your own photos solves that problem. I use photos like this on my Zazzle products. On Zazzle you can turn your art into postage stamps, buttons, postcards, tote bags and many other items.

But sometimes photography is it's own reward. So today I went on a photo hike. Here are some of the photos I took.

Abandoned House

Alien Landscape. Playing around with Picasa editing software.

A rock stack I assembled. Now if only I could make one in my yard.

I love how the 'x' in the sky and the beam of light enhance this photo of twin Joshua trees.

Using the Polaroid feature on Picasa to enhance my cloud photo.

A rock stack I found.

Tiny desert plant.

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