Sunday, December 15, 2013

Faery House Condo and Printmaking

Today I have been researching printmaking processes including linoleum block prints, wood block prints, monoprints, printing with fish, and carved eraser stamps. Then I read a big book on photo manipulation for mixed media art. My mind is exploding with creative ideas. I'm going to print my holiday cards.

I also did some hands on work though. My boyfriend had to help me figure out how to make the base for my faery condo. He had to trim the base with a chainsaw. He helped me epoxy the main stem to the base. It will make more sense if you look at the photos. I'm letting it dry overnight, then I'll start building the fairy houses. After admiring faery houses on Pinterest since the day it started, I finally decided to just make one already.

Top view.
I epoxied a dowel embedded in the base and in the stem. Now I'm letting it dry overnight.
Picking out parts for my faery condo.
Faery condo self portrait.

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