Monday, December 16, 2013


I just started part 2 of my knitted poncho. It has two rectangular sections. I charted out an ankh design to put on this panel. I wonder if I want to go with pink for the whole thing, or add another color, maybe green.

I also started a new knitted project for my grandson. It will probably be a gift if it comes out, so I won't show photos until later.

I've also been working on drawing again, so I can make some print worthy designs. I should have gotten into printing in the warmer months, but you know how inspiration doesn't necessarily strike at convenient times. After our cold snap, I was happy to get a fairly warm day today. I was able to sit in the yard and knit for a few hours without freezing my tail off. I have no idea what happened to my printing inks or my gesso when we moved, so I either have to find them or buy more. Sigh. Moving always befuddles me. It takes forever to get organized again.

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