Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas Stocking For Maggie's First Christmas

My boyfriend helped me set up a temporary sewing area in the dining room so I could make a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter's first Christmas. It looks pretty good so far. It goes with the three I made last Christmas for my daughter, her hubby and my grandson. They already hung them up, and little Maggie is looking for hers.

Little did I know when I made them out of burlap rice sacks that burlap would be all the rage in decorating this year. I still have to add the tassel and the bell.  That can wait until after dinner though. My boyfriend is making homemade chili and needed the kitchen back for awhile.

He put a space heater under the dining room table, so I stayed warm while sewing. This is only my second winter here so I don't know if this is a cold snap or what, but it is way too cold to sit in a container in the yard sewing like I usually do.

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