Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yay for Yard Sales

Having had such poor luck with thrift stores, I was determined to go to yard sales today. One problem. It rained yesterday and I when I drove around the neighborhood I didn't see a single yard sale. So I went grocery shopping and went home.

Later in the day I went to the fabric store and saw a garage/estate sale sign on a pole. Turns out the fabric store didn't open until noon, so I went to the garage sale. I'm glad I did. Turned out the lady used to make purses and I picked up 6 plastic bags of upholstery scraps for a mere $5. I also got a bunch of tools like wire cutters and even a saw for .50 each. Wow. I can't wait to look at my new found treasures.

Then I went to the fabric store and got some glover's needles for sewing leather. I wanted bigger ones, but that was all they had so I'm sure I'll put them to good use. I also got some long doll needles designed to go through the thickness of a stuffed doll. I got some glittery gold ribbon to use to hang pendants from and some green fabric with tiny yellow paisleys and some yellow fabric with little feathers in various colors. I'm glad crafts were there to take my mind off of my problems today.

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