Monday, January 26, 2009

Knitting Beading and Painting Oh My

I was cleaning up the living room for my daugther's visit tonight and found a bucket with some dolls I was knitting in it. I was going to make a whole line of them for a book but lost my motivation somewhere along the way.

Today I hoped to work on a handbag now that I have the fabric, but my tail is a draggin'. Sometimes it's hard to step out of the place in my head where I am fantasizing about a cool project, and actually doing the physical work of bringing it to life. I think that is common for artists to live in their heads a lot.

Then my boyfriend's mom called and requested a beaded necklace to hang the angel pendant on that we gave her for Christmas. Oh how I wish I'd taken a photo of it now so I can see the colors for myself. I think I should wait until we go back to Monrovia to see it again in person.

And one of my posts on Hubpages got a comment about the Gypsystones I give away. It's been a couple of years since I made any, so now I feel like painting some more. Which is a good reason not to delete any blog you start, because you never know when you might want to pick it up again later. And search engines give preference to blogs that have been around a few years, so I'm glad I kept my Gypsystone blog.

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