Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just painted new gypsystones to give away. After they dry a bit I'll put a protective finish on them and sign the back. Last night I thought I'd do a spring theme. Then this morning I thought I'd go with a Valentine theme. But the minute I picked up a paintbrush my subconsious mind had another idea altogether. When I download the photos you'll see what I mean.

I have company today so I figured if any art was going to get done I'd better do it while I was alone. I know some artists like to work in groups, but I get too distracted and end up getting everyone a drink or schmoozing and hours go by and I realize I haven't done a whole lot of art. Art for me anyway is mostly a solitary pursuit. Even so I found I was losing patience about an hour into it so I wrapped up the ones I had started and took a break. I realized I was getting a headache. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be so I need to do detail work in small batches.

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