Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's Happened to Thrift Stores?

After getting a fashion makeover book at the library I decided to take their suggestion and swing by the Goodwill on the way home to look for funky fashions to repurpose.

There's a brand new Goodwill on Beach and Lincoln in Anaheim. I've been in there maybe five times, was shocked at their ridiculous prices, and have only bought a handful of items. I'm sorry, but I'm not paying $8.00 for a used skirt when I can get one on sale new for that price at some of the local department stores. A threadbare skirt with only a few wearings in it just isn't worth that much money. I did buy a new condition heavy men's sweater for $7.99 to wear on my trip to AZ. It's not a bad price for a new durable sweater.
If I want to make a dress from 5 or 6 used sweaters, that makes sense if they are .50each. It doesn't make sense if they are $8.00 each. Now granted I'm not hurting for clothes. Thrift stores used to be the only place people on low incomes could keep their kids in clothing and shoes on their feet. I don't know where those who have fallen on hard times shop now, but it sure isn't Goodwill. Used to if I went into a thrift store it would be full of people with full shopping carts, about six deep in line at the register. There was no one in line at that Goodwill today. One guy was applying for a job and one lady was talking to a clerk. No one was buying anything. I've even recognized merchandise from the .99 store at thrift stores with $2.99 price tags on them.

The way to go now is yard sales and if you can find it, an old fashioned swap meet that actually sells used items from households. Also, estate sales. Look for places with 'don't wanters'. They don't want their possessions anymore. They are moving or someone has passed on and they need to get the house empty. Or go back on Sunday just before dark and see what is left at the curb.

The local Salvation Army is a bit better. At least they have frequent sales. Even so I think their jeans were about $9. a pair. Too rich for my blood. If I drive by and they have a 50% off everything sale I might stop. Goodwill did have a sign that said 50% off green tags. Unfortunately the only thing I found with green tags was a bin full of transparent rolls of tape near the register. Who are they kidding?

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Brigitte said...

Oh I so agree with you. I recently blogged about the same thing on my blog about thrift stores. Drives me nuts but I still like to browse.