Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm Day in the Park

I just made myself sit down and weave in all the ends on my leaf scarf. Weaving in ends is always the most tedious part for me. I finished it just as it started to get dark so I guess I'll take photos tomorrow so I can get it listed in my Etsy shop.

Today I went to a nearby park and worked on my embroidery. Then I designed 3 brooches, except I still have to sew the pinbacks on. First I have to remember where I put them. Maybe that's why they are called 'findings' because I am always trying to find them.

Last night I was working on beaded spiders. I really like my new design.
I'm making a give away box, which is a box filled with things I've made that I will keep with me when I travel to either do trades with other artists or use as gifts when appropriate. I thought it would be fun to let someone pick something out of the box.

I also want to start wearing a pin traders vest. On one side I'll have pins I made that I want to trade, and on the other side I'll have pins I got in trade.

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