Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Paper Beads

Today I'm working on a necklace made from paper bead triangles. This is truly the poor man's craft. All you need is leftover giftwrap or magazine pages, a glue stick or glue, and some kind of protective finish like Modpodge or white glue thinned with water or acrylic glazing medium or clear acrylic spray. I use a bamboo skewer to roll mine, but you can also do it with just your fingers. If you already do crafts like scrapbooking you probably have all those on hand anyway. Homeschoolers, this would be a good craft for your kids too, ages 7 and up maybe.

I know one artist on Etsy that even makes purses with these. To add variety you can add other round beads between each rolled bead. Here's your chance to incorporate those polymer or bread dough or rose beads you've made.

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