Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carving Basswood & Making an Art Journal

I figured out how I can actually succeed at my goal of reading 100 books this year. Don't turn the TV on. Or if my bf turns it on turn it off the minute he leaves for work. I've not only gotten tons of reading done, I'm getting a lot more art finished.

Today I worked on my little basswood bird. I did manage to nick myself for the first time, partly because the bird is getting so small now it's hard to hold. Must find remedy for that. But it is starting to look more like a bird and less like a blob.

I finished my hypnosis embroidery. Now I need to block, mat and frame it. Now I'm working on a Da Vinci quote, "Impatience is the mother of stupidity." I got most of the illuminated "I" done.

I also decided to go with the monthly art journal I mentioned earlier. I found one of those blank books on my bookshelf. Only the first 5 pages had been written on so I cut those out, which was easy because it's spiral bound, and got started on it right away. I'm getting a late start on it. The month is nearly over. I should keep my eyes open for a book to use for February too. This is a 'chronicle my life' type of journal so it will have writing and art in it.

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