Tuesday, January 06, 2009


After seeing that low cost loom project on Threadbanger, I found myself at a hardware store buying a 6' long 2x6 board to use for a loom and 18 screws to use for a loom. I think I will put a polyurethane stain finish on it, if I can find the container of stain and if it's still good. I want to sand it smooth first so it doesn't snag the fabric I'm weaving. So for $10 I will make myself a rustic loom. Can't beat that. I want to make an inkle loom some day and I'm sure it will cost more than that and be more complicated to build. I don't have any scrap silk fabric laying around so I'm not sure what I'll use. I do have some leftover fabric from a gypsy skirt that I already made a belt out of. And another pink skirt that is so threadbare I may as well tear it into strips.

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