Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Men Are From Mars When it Comes to Crafting Too

Today I was under the weather and didn't get much done. Plus my bf came home early from his vacation and having him here unexpectedly kind of blew my schedule to bits. We have so little workspace we keep tripping over each other to get things done. It's not just getting in each others physical way, but we don't agree on how things should be built. He's constantly asking me, "Why are you doing it that way, here's a better way." Then his way doesn't work at all because he doesn't really comprehend what I'm trying to do in the first place. You could ask us each to make the same square pillow and our working methods are so different that even if we came up with the same end results we wouldn't have a thing in common with the way we got from A to B. At one point today we both got so frustrated he went and sat alone in his room for an hour while I sat on the couch.

But at least I got the rustic loom put together. Tomorrow I will prime it and paint it, then after it dries I can weave on it.

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