Saturday, January 17, 2009

wood carving, embroidery and crochet

Today I worked on my wood carving. My boyfriend provided me with a better carving knife and things started to go a lot better. I have the basic bird roughed out but you can't really tell it's a bird yet. I keep reminding myself I'm just a beginner and it's a learning curve.

I crocheted a purple neck scarf yesterday and I want to run some purple ribbon through it. I'll probably add a button closure.

Someone invited me to add my embroidery photo to this Flickr pool: If you want to meet other crafters that do the same category of craft that you do, there is probably a flickr group for it. I'm in a lot of groups on Flickr.

Tomorrow I'm still hoping to go to the bead fair in Pasadena CA. I'm still getting over my cold though and didn't sleep much last night.

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