Saturday, August 22, 2009


I sorted through many many unfinished projects today. And I even got to work on one of them. It's a freestyle knitting and crocheted top. I can't quite figure out if I meant it to be a big flowing poncho type jacket, or a halter top or what. I really need to be better about labeling projects as I go along.I found quite a few mystery bags. Was it a scarf? Was it rice stitch? Was it supposed to be part of a larger project? And the older I get the worse it is, because I have more and more unfinished projects.

I also got to arrange many beads, sequins, glitter vials and other things that I've inherited or picked up at yard sales. That gave me ideas for greeting cards, ACEO's and fabric brooches. I just wanted to stop cleaning and knit or something, but I have company coming so clean it is. I thought they were coming tonight, but I called when they still weren't here by 9 PM and they said they'd decided to come tomorrow morning. They could have told me that! We made dinner too.

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