Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raffia Hat & Wire Crown

I had a brilliant idea to dye some raffia in beet juice and then use the raffia to crochet a sunhat to wear to a Renaissance Faire on Sat. Only the beet dye didn't work. Instead it turned the pale blond raffia into a putrid yellowish gray. Blech. So, I reverted to using some purple Rit dye and redyed it purple. So I decided to see whether it was easier to crochet dry raffia or wet raffia or somewhere in between. Well, the wet raffia didn't want to slide along the hook at all. It had a lot of traction. The semi-wet raffia worked a lot better. I haven't tried the dry raffia yet. I can always re-wet it if I have to.

Also, the Faire has a fantasy theme at night, so I wanted to add some Swarovski crystals to my crown. They look great. I'm looking forward to wearing it Sat. night.

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