Friday, August 07, 2009


It's a miracle. I finally finished my bodice corset thing to wear tomorrow. I can't even remember how long ago I started that from a Threadbanger tutorial. I have grommet phobia so I stuck the project in a box and it sat there for maybe a year. But since I need it tomorrow I gave it top priority and actually finished it in about an hour. Yay. Go me. And before any of you pros get your costuming panties in a bunch, I know this isn't a proper back lacing corset. :P So tired of that argument.

I'm also almost done with crocheting a raffia hat to wear tomorrow. But we don't have to be there until 2 PM so I have time to work on it in the morning. I still have to put my room back together after looking for a skirt to wear. I never even found my Renaissance Faire costume box, so I'm just going to wear a black skirt that isn't really long enough but it will have to do.

And I haven't even worked on the 'cute fruit' for the Zombie gang yet either and it's already 11:24 PM. Ack! Busy busy day.
I did sell one of the hats I crocheted today.


corsetkitten said...

Congrats on getting it completed!! I know how hard it can be. ANd for the authenticity police--just tell them to stuff it--you're going to a ren faire, not an organized historical re-enactment like the sealed knot does! It's about having fun!

Make sure you get a full length pic when you've got all your garb on for the faire!

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Good idea! I'll do that tomorrow. My boyfriend laced this on me too tight, and I'm whoa, can't he says 'wear it right or don't wear it at all' so I say 'fine, then you get to pick me up off the concrete when I pass out in 3 minutes. HAHA.

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Oh and the big fair I worked at for many a year didn't allow us to wear purple, my favorite color. So a big finger to them too. So many of their rules were both arbitrary and stupid. If I'm paying my money to get in, I'm dressing how I want to dress.