Monday, August 17, 2009

Archery Gathering in Pasadena CA

Yesterday I was out of town at the archery gathering. I haven't even had time to download the photos yet. It was probably the most perfect weather we ever had. Three of our friends showed up to make bows. They were very focused and their bows were shaping up nicely by the time they left.

I started out the day with some juggling practice. Then I worked on my knitting until my hands hurt too much. Towards the end I worked on some beading and made wands with a little boy there who has Harry Potter fever. I envy his energy. He was running circles around me.

My friend brought me peanut butter cookies.

And I learned from John that the tool called the 'spoke shave' is called that because it was originally used to make the spokes of wagon wheels. Who knew? Not I.

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Michael said...

Sounds like a fun day!!!