Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another Drum and The Green Man

Today I was watching a show about the Wigmen in Papua New Guinea and the drums they play reminded me of a gourd I bought with a long neck that I wanted to turn into a drum. So I found it in my gourd bin and cut off the top and the bottom. The bottom was so thick, I broke two saw blades cutting it apart. Then I cleaned it out.
Then I noticed there was a bowl shape leftover from the bottom. I thought it would make a great green man sculpture so I started sketching out my idea and one thing lead to another and I spent the rest of the day cutting out leaf shapes from the gourd scraps and working on the greenman. So much for the drum! Okay so focus isn't my strong suit. My hand is pretty tired from all the sawing and drill cleaning so typing is a little difficult. We bought a special drill bit for cleaning out gourds. Saves a lot of time but my hand gets so tired holding up the drill. It's dark now so I'll try to get some photos of both the drum and the mask tomorrow.

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