Saturday, August 15, 2009

puzzle and knitting

I want to make a wooden jigsaw puzzle so I got the wood for it today at Home Depot. I also got some hard wood dowels in the bigger diameters because I keep needing some and not having any though for the life of me I can't remember just what I needed them for. But if an opportunity comes up soon I'll be ready this time.

But when I got home I didn't feel like working on the puzzle. I felt like knitting. So I finished the sleeve on a sweater I'm almost done with, because I needed the needles to work on a new idea I had. I want to knit a striped tunic. I have one sleeve on the needle and I'm realizing the bulk of the knitting isn't going to fit on those short needles. So I either have to find a jumbo cable needle or figure out a way to divide the sweater body into more workable rectangles and assemble them later. I even made a gauge square this time, so hopefully it will fit me when all is said and done.

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