Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stitch and Bitch Recap and Hair Ornaments

Today I was the only knitter at the Stitch and Bitch. I should have taken my beadwork or embroidery after all. One girl was making fur feet for a hyena costume, another was making an SCA gown with eyelets, and the organizer was plying wool together for a sweater. Oh and one lady was stuffing two teddy bears made of fabric. So next time I'm just going to take whatever I'm in the mood to take.

Also, here is a photo of my fascinator. I'm going to order some side combs off of Etsy next week to put on the fascinator. From the research I've done, you can use a barrette, a clip, hair pins, side combs or a headband to attach the pretty part to. Maybe it's better not to sew on the attachment until someone buys it and tells you how they want it. That way they can wear it in their hair, on a purse, as a shoe buckle or on the back belt of their evening gown or maybe on a flowing scarf. Like all things Etsy there are already almost 500 pages of fascinators listed. So who knows if I'll ever sell any but I sure plan to have fun wearing them.

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Michael said...

Looks like a fun time!