Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fairy Gourd House

My boyfriend didn't feel up to going to the archery range this morning. So I used the time to decorate my fairy gourd. I used the woodburning tool to add flowers, bugs and surface detail. I still have more to do but thought I'd give my hands a rest. I came in and had a glass of iced tea, started the dishwasher and came inside to check my Email.
Once I put all the electric tools away, I need to give this end of the garden a good watering.

I'm trying to decide if I want to add color to the gourd or just leave it's natural beauty shining through. Sometimes I think we can over-process a project and take all the life right out of it by making it too 'perfect'. Plus the more hours I sink into it, the more unrealistic the price I'll have to set to ever get a profit out of it. Just because I sink 100 more hours into it doesn't mean someone is going to pay me $100 more, even if I did want to work for a dollar an hour, which I don't.


Michael said...

I agree, over processing can take all the life out of a project.

Robin Hartman said...

A fairy gourd sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see it!