Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gourd Horses

Today was a busy crafting day for me. First I worked on my knitted bikini top. I wasn't quite awake yet and had to watch a tutorial on making four different kinds of increases and decreases to get it right. But I think I'm making progress now.

Then this afternoon I started working on a gourd vase. It's easier to show you the photos than to try to describe it. I wanted to learn how to use the new ink dyes we bought as well as the pyrography paper. So check out the photos and ask me if you have any questions on technique. I want to put pine needles or raffia around the brim, so I drilled holes around the top so I could sew it on. Hopefully the park we are going to tomorrow will have pine needles. Sometimes the park is manicured and I can't find much of anything, but I have my fingers crossed.

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