Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowy Day In Lucerne Valley California

Bird feeder.

Guy and Wallop

Juggling snowballs

Last bush with snow still on it.
When I woke up to a snow covered yard it was exciting until I remembered we had a whole pick-up truck bed full of boxes of craft supplies that had to be unburied from snowy tarps and shifted to a new spot before more tarps would have to be added. It was extremely windy last night, so we roped down the truck the best we could (three times) and hoped it wouldn't rain. Luckily it didn't rain but it snowed all night. This morning it was nice out, so we were able to unload the truck and then it was play time.

We introduced our indoor cat to the snow. Then I did my self-portraits juggling snowballs. Then I took some photos.  Most of the snow was gone by sunset. It's cold indoors so the fire had been going since about 5 PM and I was working on weaving in some yarn ends on the knitted afghan.

We dined on fried fish and scalloped potatoes.

Stay warm and safe.

Snowy Joshua tree.

First thing this morning before things started to melt.

Last night when the snow started to fall.

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