Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lovely Day in the Pasadena Arroyo

I was so happy we got to go to the Paleoplanet gathering in Pasadena today. I got another felt owl made. That makes 3. I changed this one up a little and added leaves next to the owl's head. I think I like this one the best of all.

I got to watch the bowyers making new bows and teaching others how to make bows and arrows and bowstrings. I took a lot of green photos to rest my eyes on since it's so brown where I live. The trees are covered in buds and baby leaves. One lady just finished her gourd quiver. Another had a lovely detailed longbow she'd decorated with a Sharpie. Our friend Aimee loved the new air-brushed arrows from Greenman Archery. Sal showed off a glass bow that was a Kodiak from 1957. Everyone oohed and ahhed over that one.

I got some juggling practice in too. I sure needed it. I worked on my knitting on the drive there and also at the end of the event. Then it was time to clean up and visit relatives.

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