Monday, February 18, 2013

Knitting On The Road

The weather was good for a road trip and we had to pick up more boxes down in Midway City. Rain is expected after midnight, so we wanted to do the drive while the weather was on our side. Since the trip down and back was in daylight I got to knit a lot. So I made more squares. Not to be tedious, but I need 96 decent squares to make this afghan. A few come out goofy so I need 96 ‘square’ squares. The first half has an increase at the beginning of each row. The second half has a decrease at the beginning of each row.  If I do the wrong thing, I get a weird square. And it’s ever too easy to be daydreaming and do an increase instead of a decrease and vice versa.
We are home now with a good fire going in the fire box. I want to work on some embroidery tonight after my Internet time.
Right now I’m on hold again with Virgin Mobile trying to figure out why I keep losing the signal. It’s been this way since Saturday night. The wait time is 15 minutes. I was about through the first 7 minutes when the call got dropped. So I had to start over.
So until I get an operator, I’m writing my blog posts on Microsoft Word to put into my blog once I get the connection up and running again.
Update: Virgin operator says there is a local outage that started Sat. and runs through tomorrow night. They’ve turned off 3G browsing. In other words, they’ve turned off my connection for the entire 3 day weekend. Nice.  I am visualizing a tech guy in a cubical with a pair of pliers and a roll of duct tape trying to fix the Broadband.

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