Sunday, February 03, 2013

I Know I Know More Knitting

Hi my lovelies,

While I was knitting today, I thought of a poem idea about knitting, and since I had my journal with me, I was able to write it down before I forgot it.

I worked on the afghan sitting outside in the sunshine.  Then after I'd finished my daily square, I set that aside and worked on the Imbolc headband. The first motif is 18 leaves and I finished that part. The next thing is called a 'floop' and I made one of those so far.

So I was knitting and watching the quail when something swooped down out of the sky and lit out after one of the quail. I am guessing it was a chicken hawk, but all I saw was a blur of black wings in my peripheral vision. I hope the quail got away. I saw it running for the bushes. The guinea fowl went nuts. They made so much noise my boyfriend raced out to see what the trouble was, thinking maybe the cat got out. Then it was time to come in and and get a fire going and get dinner started.

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