Monday, February 25, 2013

Making a Project Portable

Half a square. So many ends to sew in.
I thought I was going to swing by and visit a friend today and ended up being there four hours. (I wasn't the driver).  Thank the goddess I took my knitting! I have my current project in a plastic shoe box style bin. I take just enough yarn to keep the project going. I also take the knitting needles, a yarn needle and scissors. (I have the pattern memorized). I keep the lid on with a piece of elastic or a rubber band.

At home, the entire project takes up two 2 x 2 x 2 foot boxes. I'm glad I found a way to take it with me.  When I run low in my shoebox, I refill the yarn and swap out the colors so they all get used. The afghan has about 20 colors right now. I just finished the 46th square (out of 96 squares).

Almost Half the Squares Are Knitted

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