Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back In The Day

Today I emptied out a box from storage that had oodles of crafting stuff. Postoids that I'd made when I lived in San Luis Obispo. Broken and unbroken jewelry waiting to be repurposed. Rubber stamps and stationary and cards. I never meant for that stuff to be in storage for 14 years. I'm relieved to have it back. I sorted through it and threw away old make-up and worthless paperwork. I brought in the jewelry for a closer inspection. I put all the books and tarot cards on the bookshelves in the house. I have many pieces of ephemera to use in art journals now. And a lot of photos I want to scan and share in my blog and on Facebook of my earlier performing days. And things I want to frame, like the best mail art I received from pen pals before email existed. It's all so emotional and nostalgic.

Postoids made of hand-carved stamps. They are faux postage for gluing onto envelopes.

Mermaid Ring

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