Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Do You Need Some Craft Ideas?

Who wants some craft ideas? I have more than I know what to do with. Here is a list of things I haven't gotten around to yet: 1. Making roses out of fabric. 2. Making fairy doors. 3. Throwing little pots to hold beads and calligraphy water and ink. 4. Making steampunk spats. 5. Knitting house slippers. 6. Knitting yoga socks. 7. Recreating the green fairy costume I was wearing on Second Life today. 8. Making assemblages with found objects. 9. Wood-burning an ankh onto a gourd. 10. Embedding a mirror in a bread dough frame. 11. Making a mask for Mardi Gras 12. Making a mosaic on a metal table from broken tile found in my yard. 13. Drawing pin-up caricatures for use on Zazzle. 14. Make a decent knapped arrowhead. 15. Carving a spoon. 16. Making pink arrows for Valentine's Day 17. Making wooden hair forks. 18. Making corn husk or wheat dolls. 19. Making a shaggy retro 70's vest. 20. Weaving a hat out of raffia.

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